Own Your Data

Explore Why Covata is the logical choice for
a complete Data-Centric Security Solution.

The Essential Elements of 
Owning Your Data


Own Your Data is much more than  
encryption – it effectively combines  
sophisticated data protection with  
persistent access controls, key 
management and complete visibility.

Own Your Data in a 
Zero Trust World

Who owns the responsibility to keep your data secure as business takes your data everywhere and anywhere away from your control?  Covata empowers true ownership of data, wherever it travels & resides and however it’s used.

Own Your Keys

Deploy encrypted data to any cloud store while retaining control of the keys on your premises – and in your control.
Own your keys and prevent cloud storage providers from accessing your sensitive information or giving the keys to third parties.

Outward Facing Solution

Protecting data at the point of origin ensures it is secure as it moves outside of the organization to be shared and consumed by customers, partners, vendors and other parties.

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