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Covata Introduces Safe Share for Securing Data in the Cloud
Enables Organizations to Securely Share Data in the Cloud Independent of Cloud Storage Provider

Reston, VA – December 11, 2013Covata, the industry leader in data-­‐centric security, announced today the availability of Covata Safe Share, enabling organizations to confidently leverage the business and operational advantages of Cloud Content Management by protecting sensitive data wherever it resides. Safe Share works independently of cloud storage providers and ensures that the keys and access controls remain in complete and exclusive control of the organization.

Covata Safe Share guides users through the simple process of selecting a file to protect, identifying authorized collaborators, and defining the access controls that identify the conditions under which the file can be accessed. These access controls are persistent and adaptive, enabling the originator to revoke access to any protected file at any time or change the access controls to adjust to evolving   circumstances and requirements. Safe Share records all access requests to decrypt the data, providing a detailed audit trail of who accessed the protected data, when and how many times.

Covata Safe Share is compatible with Box, Dropbox, SkyDrive, AWS and S3 compatible cloud storage such as Basho Riak CS, which is the default object store. Safe Share is powered by the Covata Platform, and leverages the platform’s speed, scale and flexibility. Organizations can choose to store the keys, metadata and access control on premises, ensuring the Cloud Storage Provider cannot view the encrypted data or provide the keys to a third party without the organization’s knowledge or consent.

Sharing data via Cloud Content Management (CCM) offers organizations business and operational benefits, but also carries real risks. Covata Safe Share is purpose built to deliver the flexibility, ubiquity and protection to mitigate those risks. For example, combining Safe Share with a private cloud implemented with high availability storage like Riak CS creates a corporate dropbox capability that addresses security, privacy and regulatory concerns.

“As adoption of cloud storage continues to accelerate, organizations are looking for a solution that addresses the risk of data leakage and loss,” said Charles Archer, Executive Chairman and CEO, Covata. “Safe Share enables organizations to protect data at the point of origination, control the data after it has been shared and see all access activity. With Safe Share, organizations have the confidence to reap the cost savings and flexibility of cloud storage and the business benefits of data sharing and collaboration.”

Covata Safe Share is currently available and operates as a browser-­‐based web application, as a Windows application and on iOS devices.

About Covata
Covata, a leader in data-­‐centric security, enables organizations to share sensitive data with confidence by securing that data wherever it resides – inside the enterprise network, beyond the domain, on mobile devices, and in the cloud. The extensible Covata Platform empowers businesses, government agencies, vendor partners, and services providers to integrate data-­‐level security into applications, products, and services. Covata delivers this protection at enterprise speed, scale, and resiliency, ensuring that organizations can realize the benefits of data sharing securely and without impacting the user experience. For more information, please visit:

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