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Guidance from the RSAC Cloud Experts: Own Your Data

Written by Jim Ivers on February 26, 2014

Greetings from the RSA Conference! I just attended a session called: “Is the Cloud Really More Secure Than On-Premise?”.  The assembled panel included Bruce Schneier, Bret Arsenault – CISO, Microsoft, and Eran Feigenbaum – Director of Security, Google Apps.  The panel was interesting and lively, and there was a lot of good conversation and give [Read more...]

Own Your Data – More Than a Tagline

Written by Jim Ivers on February 10, 2014

Today visitors to the Covata Corporate site will experience a very different look and feel.  Part of the changes is a new tagline for Covata: “Own Your Data”. You see it at the top of this blog. This is much more than a tagline to the Covata team, as it embodies what our product does [Read more...]

Covata Rolls Out Safe Share for Securely Sharing Data in the Cloud

Written by Jim Ivers on December 11, 2013

Today, Covata announced the general availability of Covata Safe Share, a solution for securely sharing data in the cloud.  The premise of Safe Share is quite simple: sharing data in the cloud is the proverbial two-edged sword, promising business benefits and operational efficiency but introducing the risk of data leakage and loss.  It is clear [Read more...]

The True Cost of Cybercrime

Written by Helen Fraser on November 28, 2013

From Help Net Security, Published November 28, 2013. From a cybercrime perspective, the opportunities are boundless: Seemingly everything has a computer in it, cars and pacemakers included. It’s almost certain that the sophistication of exploits and attacks will increase, and that new exploit modes will surface with the ongoing computing and mobility revolution. You might [Read more...]

Recognizing an Evolved View of Data-Centric Security

Written by Jim Ivers on November 13, 2013

From Wired Innovation Insights, Published November 7, 2013. Business is increasingly conducted on untrusted networks and devices, greatly growing the risk of exposure or “spillage” of sensitive or private data. In response, businesses and government agencies are taking a hard look at encryption technologies to protect sensitive information at the data level. This new demand [Read more...]

BYOD, Privacy, and Protection – Securing Data On BYOD Devices

Written by Jim Ivers on October 16, 2013

I have long said that a lot of the IT Security issues can be traced back to liberal personal use policies on organization issued PCs.  Workers have come to see their PC as a benefit and think nothing about doing their personal business on a company machine over the company network.  The advent of social [Read more...]

Survey Says: Hackers Use Encryption to Protect Their Own Information

Written by Jim Ivers on October 8, 2013

I recently came across survey results provided by Elinor Mills – a former, well respected writer on technology for CNet and others – on the Bateman Banter Web Site.  Among the questions asked comes a fascinating angle: how do hackers protect their own information? Ms. Mills performed the survey before Defcon using hackers as the study [Read more...]

What Should We Learn From PRISM?

Written by Vic Winkler on June 26, 2013

What should we learn from PRISM?  That’s easy: unless you encrypt your private information, lots of different kinds of people - digital vigilantes, hackers, global criminal gangs and even governments – will secretly and easily access your private digital secrets. Since we know that “the game is afoot,” we only have a right to be surprised if we [Read more...]

Data Protection Lessons from Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden

Written by Vic Winkler on June 19, 2013

Whatever you may think about Bradley Manning (Wikileaks) or more recently Edward Snowden (PRISM leaks), the fact is that they were able to do something that the owners of the information did not want to happen.  Neither of these two cases are unique, as everyday someone steals digital information and either sells it or posts [Read more...]

Maximizing the Benefits of Moving to Data-Centric Security

Written by Jim Ivers on June 5, 2013

Dead perimeters, persistent adversaries, the Cloud, mobility and BYOD render traditional security obsolete, making data-centric security an imperative.  The value of data-centric security is simple: if a network or device is compromised, or a mobile device lost or stolen, the data obtained under these circumstances is unusable.  Makes sense, right?  It does, and that is [Read more...]

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