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Eliminate business data compromise over untrusted networks and devices.

Safe Share is a highly secure enterprise grade file storage and sharing solution. Safe Share provides the flexibility needed to share data with staff, partners and customers, both in the office and across mobile environments (BYOD).

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Covata and T-Systems deploy encrypted file-sharing for Barmer

German health insurer leverages Safe Share, Covata’s end-to-end encrypted data-centric cloud sharing solution, to enable high-security data exchange.

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This Tech Keeps You Safe From Hackers

Encryption is the one thing standing between hackers and your data.
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IT Security Elevated to High Priority

A small Australian company Covata has developed security technology that has been adopted by Cisco Systems.

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Covata Safe Share Enabling Trust in a Zero Trust World

Data Governance. End-to-End Encryption. Full Control of Your Data – Wherever Business Takes You.


Safe Share implements a strong security model. Data is encrypted and decrypted at the source. Access is authorised with each attempt, at the time of access. Every file has its own unique key. Safe Share focuses on reducing the surface of attack.


Safe Share is designed for the enterprise. Users and data are managed at the enterprise level and adhere to corporate policies. All access is audited and controlled. The enterprise never loses control of its data.


Safe Share is as secure as it is easy-to-use. Because Safe Share’s interface is intuitive and user-friendly, today’s hyper mobile workforce won’t have to compromise security for usability.

Trusted Cloud

The data and access controls are stored in your trusted environment, whether that is with a service provider that supports the necessary privacy and security regulations or your own secure data centre.


Safe Share allows data to be safely accessed by both internal users and remotely by partners and customers. Safe Share keeps data encrypted everywhere, even on a mobile or a tablet.

Data Sovereignty

Achieve Data Sovereignty with Safe Share. Keep encrypted keys on premise or in your trusted data centre. With Safe Share, data can safely travel across untrusted networks.

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