Own your data

Eliminate business data compromise
over untrusted networks and devices.

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Covata’s data-centric security protects data
wherever it resides so it can be shared with confidence.

  • Data remains secure over untrusted networks and insecure devices, in the cloud, on mobile and beyond the domain – everywhere.
  • Comprehensive protection Independent of device, application, network, data type and cloud or storage provider.
  • Covata provides persistent, adaptive access controls, readily changes to suit evolving business circumstances. Including the ability to instantly revoke access with one-click.
  • Businesses can know who, when and how many times data is accessed.
  • Gain granular insight into access activity to identify potential malicious activity.

Covata Platform

An extensible platform enabling businesses to protect and control data wherever it resides – including the cloud and mobile devices. 

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Covata Safe Share

Cloud. Confidently. Securely share and store your data in your chosen cloud. Retain full control of your keys. Access your sensitive data anywhere.

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Covata SDK

Incorporate complete data-centric security into existing workflows and applications.
Insulates developers from the complexities of encryption and key management.


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